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Bianca Beauchamp is as synonymous with latex as Henry Ford is with the automobile. In the past 10 years, this Montreal-born fetish model has helped popularize the stretchy, skin-tight material through her popular website. "I never thought my web site would become popular," she admits. "My web site was just a fun way to express myself and my love for latex."

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At age 18 she met and began to model for Martin Perreault, a photography student and waiter. While continuing her modeling, she studied French Literature and Teaching at CÉGEP. She began a teaching internship at her former high school. One of the teachers discovered her website and she was pressured into closing the site during her internship, but she re-opened it afterwards. The move caused further controversy, but Beauchamp refused to back down. She underwent two breast augmentation surgeries to increase her cup size to a 32DD. She dismisses criticism about the implants, deeming it hypocritical to applaud people for improving their minds while condemning them for improving their bodies.