January Jones


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January Jones currently appears in the AMC original television drama series Mad Men as young suburban housewife and mother Betty Draper, but may be best known for her role as Cadence Flaherty in American Wedding, from the American Pie comedy film series.

'Mad Men' madder still, and better than ever
Advertising executive Don Draper is having health concerns and a sudden problem in bed. His strikingly beautiful wife, Betty Draper a (Janury Jones), meanwhile, is feeling feminist Betty Friedan's "nameless aching discontent" worse than ever in their suburban Connecticut life, and has taken up horseback riding and flirting with strangers to try and fill the void.

Method for 'Mad' in time hop
Outside the press conference, two actresses sneaked away to indulge in a habit closely associated with their characters. January Jones, who plays repressed housewife Betty, and Moss stood, unaccompanied by publicists or network staff, in a palm-lined courtyard, smoking. "I had quit for a long time, but the show got me started again," Jones said.

Things have changed on Madison Avenue
January Jones is from a tiny South Dakota town, where her dad was a gym teacher and coach. She went on to be a model and an actress, then was hired to play Betty in the final scene of the "Mad Men" pilot. "At first, I didn't know if she was going to be back." Betty's back, big-time. There are things to learn, denials to dump, lives to change.