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Julie Benz has many guest staring roles in numerous popular TV shows from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, to Supernatural, to playing the lead and supporting roles in numerous made-for-TV movies. She currently stars in the TV-cable series Dexter (2006) playing Rita, a troubled divorcée and lover of the title character played by Michael C. Hall.

Julie Benz started out as an ice skater, but an injury sidelined her into acting career. After graduating NYU drama school, she found continuous work in television dramas, currently appearing in Dexter. On the big screen she stars in the latest episode of the Rambo juggernaut.

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A pretty blonde performer with a soulful look and a whispery voice, Julie Benz started out not on stage, but on ice, competing on the national level and ranked 13th in ice dancing, following the lead of her older siblings, a pair of ice dancing champions. Injury led to the end of her skating career but she soon switched modes to acting, starting out in community theater and landing her first film.

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