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Kate Mara spoke with SheKnows this week about her own personal thrills making the picture, the actor’s career she most would like to emulate and how the filming was as cold as those previews appear. Mara last starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in "Shooter," and her “Transsiberian” is entering summer movie waters that are proving thus far to be the most profitable in history. The film’s trailers have been everywhere with its ability to weave character development and thrills. To think that is the beginning.

Movie Star Wants Her Super Bowl Ring
When a safe full of jewelry was stolen from a Tiffany & Co. supplier last month, a trove of Giants Super Bowl rings and pendants were lost. Players got their rings as planned, but team staffers are still waiting. One left unbejeweled: Kate Mara, star of Transsiberian and a scion of the Giants’ co-owning family. (Her uncle John is the team’s president and CEO; her father is a vice-president.) “My brothers have their rings,” she said at a Soho Grand screening of her film, “but my sister and I don’t have our pendants yet, because they were stolen.” Tiffany has promised to deliver the balance of the Giants’ order next month. “I don’t know that Kate’s pendant was among the pieces stolen,” says a Giants rep. “I haven’t seen any yet, so they might all be delayed.”

Emily Mortimer

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There are movies about men battling monsters, movies about men pursuing treasures ... and then there are movies that drop a bunch of twisted characters into a bag, shake, and see what falls out. That's the thriller Transsiberian. Missionaries Roy and Jessie (Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer) are riding the railroad from Beijing to Moscow. He's a garrulous train nut in corn-fed Woody Boyd mode; she's a former bad girl who's found the path of righteousness through the love of a good man. Their snowy Siberian vacation is turned on its head with the appearance of their cabinmates, Carlos and Abby (Eduardo Noriega and Kate Mara).

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Who doesn't have a sweet tooth for intrigue on a train? Hercule Poirot grilling dining-car dandies in Murder on the Orient Express? Steven Seagal snapping necks in Under Siege 2? There's something about a claustrophobic tube whistling at breakneck speed that makes mayhem go down smooth. So a thriller aboard the Trans-Siberian line, stretching roughly 5,000 miles from Beijing to Moscow, should be a cinch, right? Not so fast, Casey Jones. Transsiberian director Brad Anderson, whose résumé includes underseen gems like 2000's Happy Accidents, certainly has fun with the exotic setting — a moving freak show of pear-shaped babushkas and burly men tossing back vodka shots. But his main characters could use more spice. Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer play an American couple returning from a charity mission in China who are later joined in their cramped compartment by Carlos and Abby, a pair of backpackers who may or may not be heroin mules.

Kate Mara Met Costume GalaKate Mara Doesn't Faze Easily.
The "24" hottie handled her harrowing torture scene in "Transsiberian" in stride as she watched with her new flame, actor Charlie Cox, and her parents at the Cinema Society screening the other night. "The scenes were grueling, but her family beamed with pride," said our spy. At the Conde Nast Traveler-sponsored afterparty, castmate Emily Mortimer, with hubby Alessandro Nivola, enjoyed raves from Steve Buscemi and Olivia Thirlby.

Met's Costume Institute Gala
Kate looks like a drop of golden sunshine in her asymmetrical belted Zac Posen. The ruffles are so intricate, and the color really pops on the red carpet. But the NY Post commented: The Bizarro World dominated the evening - Kate Mara and escort Zac Posen apparently came as twisted doppelgangers of the Wonder Twins. Him: shape of a blue meanie; her: form of: Gina Lollabrigida, ca. 1962.

Trio will hit 'Open Road'
Jeff Bridges, Justin Timberlake and Mary Steenburgen will star in “The Open Road,” about a young man trying to reconnect with his father, a legendary athlete, as he struggles to get him home to his ailing mother’s bedside. Kate Mara will play Timberlake’s girlfriend in the pic, written and to be helmed by Michael Meredith

Shooter Review
Antoine Fuqua, the director of such action movies as TRAINING DAY and THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS, takes on government conspiracies in SHOOTER. Based on the book POINT OF IMPACT by Stephen Hunter, SHOOTER focuses on Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), a former Marine scout sniper who has retired to a log cabin in the middle of the woods after a supposedly standard mission got out of hand in Ethiopia. Three years later, Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover) shows up with two flunkies, trying to convince Swagger to help them thwart a plot to assassinate the president. Honor and duty get the better of him, and Swagger agrees to participate—only to find out that he has been set up, sending him on the run so he can discover who was really behind the shooting. With the whole world looking for him, the only people willing to help him are the widow of his former partner, Sarah (Kate Mara), and Nick Memphis (Michael Pena), a young FBI agent who refuses to stop investigating the case.

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