Morgan Webb


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To the delight of computer wizards worldwide, Morgan Webb was born October 5, 1978 just outside Toronto, but her family soon moved to Los Angeles. At only 5 years of age, the cute, outgoing Morgan starred in commercials for McDonald's and other companies. Some may still remember her reciting the Big Mac's ingredients to a patty cake game. Her parents limited her TV time in an attempt to get her to spend more time outdoors. Instead, young Morgan would spend hours playing video games (first Atari, then moving on to the original Nintendo). Hence her love for gaming stayed strong. She excelled in Legend of Zelda and other role-playing games, and would often practice secretly in hopes of beating her older brother at it. In junior high, Morgan began what would become a lifetime obsession: fiddling with her hair color. She would experiment dying it with different Kool-Aid colors, which would inexplicably always result in a reddish hue. She is rumored to have shaved it all off at one point.