Ornella Muti


A model in her adolescence, Italian beauty Ornella Muti posed for illustrated novels before her film bow at age 15.

Ornella has worked for such European cinematic greats as Francesco Rosi and Volker Schlondorff; her most celebrated appearances have been in the erotic psychological dramas directed by Marco Ferreri .

The bulk of Ornella Muti's starring films have borne such come-hither titles as Appassionata and The Bilingual Lover.

American movie fans got an eyeful of Ornella Muti as the sensuous Princess Aura in 1980's Flash Gordon , while television fans were treated to Ornella's formidable presence in the 1987 TV movie Casanova.

One of hottest timeless beauties of all time, Ornella Muti lights any man's fire.