Trish Stratus


No one ever truly knows what fate has in store for them. Trish Stratus was on her way to becoming a doctor until a teacher's strike at the university she attended curtailed her studies, opening up a window of opportunity for World Wrestling Entertainment to offer the fitness model a chance to become a star. Although her fans look forward to her appearances, some hope that she returns to medicine someday. Trish Stratus the celebrity is good; Trish Stratus the doctor - a hero is better.

After nearly seven years in the business, Trish Stratus retired from wrestling in 2006 after winning her seventh WWE Women's Championship, the most in WWE history.

Aside from professional wrestling, Stratus modeled for and appeared on numerous magazine covers and has been involved in charity work. She has also been the host of Canada's Walk of Fame in 2006 and The Second City's Next Comedy Legend in 2007.

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